VMware Horizon 6 SmartGuide Application Remoting and Session based Desktops in Horizon 6

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The VMware End User Computing team have created a library of validated designs and technical how-to guides for our partners and customers to leverage when building their own HorizonTM 6 architectures.

Created in line with VMware recommended practice and validated in our Palo Alto labs, these designs and technical guides form a common set of reference documentation which can be used to accelerate the plan, design and implementation of any HorizonTM 6 solution.

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  • VMware Horizon 6 SmartGuide

    • Technical Guide Overview

    • Horizon Architecture Overview

    • Prerequisites And System Requirements

  • Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration

    • Set Up A Remote Desktop Session Host (RDS Host) Host On Windows Server 2012 R2 

    • Install View Agent On Remote Desktop Session Host (RDS Host)

    • Configure Group Policy Settings For RDS Host Sessions

  • Application Remoting And Session Based Desktop Configuration

    • Create A Farm For Remote Desktop Session Hosts

    • Deploy A Session Based Desktop Pool

    • Deploy An Application Pool

  • Entitling Users To Desktops And Applications

    • Entitle Users To A Desktop Pool

    • Entitle Users To An Application Pool

  • Validation

    • Connect To A Remoted Application Using The Horizon Client

  • Summary And Conclusion


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