VMware Horizon 6 SmartGuide - USB Access Control in Horizon 6

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The VMware End User Computing team have created a library of validated designs and technical how-to guides for our partners and customers to leverage when building their own HorizonTM 6 architectures.

Created in line with VMware recommended practice and validated in our Palo Alto labs, these designs and technical guides form a common set of reference documentation which can be used to accelerate the plan, design and implementation of any HorizonTM 6 solution.

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  • USB Access Control In Horizon 6

    • Introduction

  • Import The View Agent Group Policy

    • 1. Open Run.

    • 2.In The Left Directory Tree, Right-click Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates and Select Add/Remove Templates.

    • 3.In The Add/Remove Templates dialog Box, Click Add.

    • 4.Select The Vdm_agent.adm File Under C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\extras\GroupPolicyFiles, And Click Open.

  • Configure The Commands

    • 1.In The Left Directory Tree, Select Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates (ADM) > VMware View Agent Configuration > Agent Configuration. The Agent Configuration Pane Displays.

    • 2.Right-click CommandsToRunOnConnect and Click Edit.

    • 3.In The CommandsToRunOnConnect Dialog Box, Select Enabled and Click Show.

    • 4.In The Show Contents Dialog Box, Type "wscript C:\scripts\disablemappedprinter.vbs" and Click OK. Set CommandsToRunOnConnect Complete.

    • 5.Repeat These Steps To Configure CommandsToRunOnReconnect.

    • 6.Copy Disablemappedprinter.vbs And Whitepaper.txt To C:\scripts\.

  • Sample ScriptSample Script

  • About The Authors


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rated this guide 5 out of 5